SUP journey

K H A O   L A K   S T A N D   UP   P A D D L E   R E N T A L .

SUP Journey

​We are a Stand Up Paddle rental since 2019 based in Khao Lak, Thailand.
Our services include SUP rental and SUP lessons.


We can deliver our boards to your hotel or villa for your convenience and freedom to use for as long as you like. We can offer free delivery with 3 days rental. 

SUP LESSONS​ : 1,000 Baht/Hour.

If it is your first time and would like to just rent a board, we will show you the basic ways to paddleboard free of charge and let you enjoy it.

Full SUP Lessons:
You will be learning with “Nek” a friendly SUP instructor, who will teach you how to paddle safely and correctly while having fun at the same time. You will start from the beginning on the beach and learn about the equipment and safety procedures.

Next you will head into the ocean with him where he will teach you how to keep balanced as well as the best techniques to paddle correctly to suit specific weather and sea conditions and avoid injury or tiredness.

You will also learn how to catch and ride waves on our SUP’s if they are waves on the day!

The lessons would take about an hour & free extra 30 minutes to enjoy SUP by yourself.